How to chance Quickbooks to general business edition

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HI. I have been using Quickbooks Premier - Retail edition 2005-06. I no longer need to track retail products, I just need to run my company books, invoicing and payroll thru it. What can I upgrade to and will I be able to transfer all of my old data to the new one. Cheers


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    Hey Hayley,

    If you wish to keep all your data you would need to use the same data file, in which case you would need to upgrade to Reckon Accounts 2014. This would keep the company same settings (retail edition).

    If you export your transactions and entries and start a new company file, you would be able to import the QIF files and restore most of your data. This would also alow you to set up your company file as a standard version of Reckon Accounts. By doing this you would also be able to Upgrade to Reckon Accounts Pro etc.

    As Reckon Company Files can only be open in the same or higher versions of the program, keeping the same company file would require you to upgrade to 2014 version of Premium.

    For further assistance you can contact our customer service team on 1800 RECKON.

    Hope this helps,