Love the new search facility in the items list

Trevor Watson
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This was really needed - thanks for making it available. Prior to this if I had to search for an item say by the supplier part number I had to export the items list to excel and then do the search in excel - this is such a time saver.


  • Steve Cook
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    Quote from the 2014 Installation Guide:

    "Search in Item List

    In Reckon Accounts 2014, you will be able to search the Item List in Reckon Accounts Pro and Reckon Accounts Premier. This feature was previously exclusive to Reckon Accounts Enterprise."


    I was a beta tester of the 2014 Release. This feature was my suggestion to the development team. Because my Reckon product is not Pro or Premier, I miss out on this feature.

    I am disappointed. Would it have been a really big deal to include it in ALL versions ? Not happy.

  • ARC BookKeeping
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    I love this feature too.

    Maybe next they could work on searching for item with in the invoice/bill like the americans can.... eg drop down list has not only add new but search for item...