File is not listed in "Open Previous Company" tab

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I run two businesses in my Q.B's. Whatever file I worked on last before closing QB is there when I reopen it. However the 2nd Company is not available in the Open Previous Company tab even though I have set it for 4 companies This always worked in the past on previous QBs. I am using Reckon Accounts Plus 2013. I have just received the upgrade to 2014 for have not loaded it yet. I am also using Windows 8 (ggrr). I even had a QB specialist come over and it worked for a while but poof now it is gone again. Very frustrating as I am terrified if I forget to backup I will have lost everything.


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    Hi GSharry,

    If you have not installed the Reckon Accounts 2013 tax update, download and install that.  If the problem still persists after that, try running Reckon Accounts as Administrator.  For detailed steps refer to the following link:  This should fix your problem with it remembering your company files.