Upgraded Reckon Premier now the datafile not connecting to other networked computers

John Goldsmith_6529492
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Upgraded Reckon Premier to 2014 version now the datafile on the host computer is not connecting to other networked computers. Please help.


  • Babi
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    Hi John,

    Thank you for your query.

    For this one it could be several issues depending on what happens when you try to access company file?

    1.       Is it doing same thing from all clients? Can you please provide us a bit more info? For example: what’s the exact error message, on how many PCs you’re having this issue from, are they all upgraded to the same version etc. That will help us understand your issue in detail.

    2.       It could also possibly  the multi user set up is incorrect, but it will give you error code or message explaining about the issue. Best would be is to follow this link below as it covers the overall set up in multiuser environment.



    Apart from that, please make sure that they are all on a network and all the clients have read and write access to the data file locations. If the problem still persists, please make sure that you are able to open up the same file from each client pc locally.

    Note, you can also check the link below if any firewall issues



    Hope the above helps. Let me know the outcome.




  • John Goldsmith_6529492
    John Goldsmith_6529492 Member Posts: 15
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    Thanks for your help Babi. Everything is now working OK.