How to select account when importing bank transactions

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Everytime I try to import bank transactions Reckon wants to create a new bank account. I am finding this very frustrating.  My only option seems to be to let the new account be created, add the new transactions to the register and then open each transactions to change it to the correct bank account.


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    Hi Leanne,

    Sorry to hear your having difficulties here.  I think I know what your refering to.  When you get the "Select Bank Account" screen, and you have the 2 options of either "Use an existing QuickBooks account" or "Create a new QuickBooks account", select "Create a new QuickBooks account", then select "Use an existing QuickBooks account", you will then be able to select the account you want.   Unless you select "Create a new QuickBooks account" first, then go back to "Use an existing QuickBooks account" the drop down box to select your account is greyed out like in the screen shot below.  Just remember to toggle between those 2 options when you get to this screen.  Hope this helps.



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    Thankyou Shane that has been a tremendous help.