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I am experiencing a problem with the Quick Book under Reconciliation section.
Under the Cleared Transactions (Cheques and Payments)

 - My ending balance should have the same total as my bank statement Withdrawal amount when I cleared the transaction. When I ended up clearing the transaction the amount showed $0.00.

 Here’s my problem, the weirdest thing is when it’s become $0.00 it automatic adjust my amount under General Job and it make the amount tally with my Deposit amount. 


  • JamaielJamaiel Reckon Staff Posts: 130
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    Hi Pamela,

    Welcome to Reckon Community!

    With regards to your query, I would like to confirm which product are you using? Is it Reckon One or Reckon Accounts (previously QuickBooks)?

    Also to clarify:

    • "...clearing the transaction the amount showed $0.00" - do you see this on Difference in the reconciliation window?
    • "...automatic adjust my amount under General Job..." - do you mean to say that it creates a General Journal entry for a Balance Adjustment?

    If so, then that means a Journal is created to force to match your statements due to the Difference in your Cleared Balance and Ending Balance that may be due to your Closing or Opening Balance being wrong or incorrect .

    You may need to see the following article on our Reckon Knowledge Base ID: 534

    Hope it helps!

    Kind Regards,


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