How to track super balance over time w/ Accounts Personal

John K
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In ReckonAccounts Personal Plus 2013, what is the best account setup and method to track a superannuation balance over time?   I've attempted to create a Superannuation account under Investing (Investing: Retirement), however all of the transactions relate to stock ownership - buying, selling shares, investing dividends etc.  There doesn't seem to be a simple method of updating the account balance periodically.  Thanks


  • Mirko
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    Hey John,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    If you are ONLY looking to track your Super by updating balances as they are provided to you, there is 2 ways to go about it.

    1. Create a Property Account, and as you receive statements/Super Summaries, update the balances accordingly.

    or 2. Create a Bank Account and do the same.

    The Investment Centre even with Super Accounts focuses on the share/fund unit prices and tracks the balances accordingly.

    If you are merely looking for a simple balance tracking Account the options above would be best.

  • John K
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    Thanks Mirko - I suspected that might be the case.

    As a possible enhancement to 'Property/Debt' style accounts,  can I suggest incorporating a method of purely updating an account balance periodically - and have Reckon calculate the increase/decrease?  Currently I have to calculate (by hand) the increase/decrease amount from my superannuation statement to update the balance accordingly.

  • John G
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    Thanks John,

    Will pass up your idea to our Developers.

  • Craig Munday
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    I created an investment account and simply update the overall balance from the super statement. I would have liked to split the balance by the individual investment options and track the performance of each, but this doesn't appear possible/obvious for a super fund that uses daily credit ratings.