Reckon Accounts corrupted possible network disturbance

Catherine Androutsos
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A client on Reckon Enterprise Desktop lost all the data entered yesterday and the file appears to be corrupted, when they look at the chart of the accounts it is blank.
It may have been due to an interruption in their network.  This has happened twice before and they have to restore a backup losing their days work.
The user has no idea of the loss until the next day when they open Reckon Accounts again. The entries must go somewhere - could it be to the tlg file?
And if the entries are in the tlg file is there a way to incorporate the tlg back with the QBW file to avoid having to resort to restoring a backup?


  • Ifti
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    Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for your post in our Community.

    If the list is empty, it seems to be a wrong file.

    Check the reports to see if any data in there? Also press Ctrl 1 (while you're in the file) to see the opened file's location and name and all other important info: file size, total transactions, lists, in how many versions the file is being used etc. You might want to note it down when the file is working fine and again when you get this error. This will give us more info.

    We'd recommend user to backup everyday as a precaution. Also do regular Verify and Rebuild (File > Utilities) - at least once a week to maintain a healthy file.

    Unfortunately, we can't restore TLG file. I think US version can do it. 

    Let us know how it goes.