Transactions not in balance for NEW company file.

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Q/B Premier 2013 i have a new company file for this financial year. problem is NO transactions will record as message comes up saying transactions not in balance..all totals are as they should this a tax issue/ setup causing it? we are entering exactly the same as we used to and i can find anything on the invoice or sales receipt that would account for that message. i looked in company preferences and there is a check box under TAX> default tax will not let me check it as it says..default code must be attached to purchase and sales items..what on earth does that mean? ive never had this issue in my previous company


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    Hi Kylie,

    Did you create a brand new data file by exporting Accounts, Items, Customers, Suppliers, etc from an older file and then imported that into a newer file?

  • Kylie SmythKylie Smyth Member Posts: 12
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    yes..i have just figured it out...the item in the tax list wasn't configured to the chart of accounts.. thanks for your time

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    Hi, Just wondering if you can help me, I am experiencing the same error message , but unable to rectify with your instructions above... Please help... Can you tell me exactly what you did.
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    Hi Rennae,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and sorry to hear you are encountering a problem so early in your file creation.  

    Could you please provide some more information about how you created the company file so that we can help you further.

    Was it started afresh from the Setup Wizard?
    Was information imported from another file? - All information or only some elements?
    Did the source file contain customized items like Tax codes?

    Hope to have you up and running soon.


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    Hi Kylie

    I too have been having the same problem.  I have checked the item in the tax list to the chart of accounts and they are exactly the same.  Can you please tell me how you solved your problem

    Thanks Gail

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    Hi Gail,

    Here is a properly configured Tax item:  


    and the nominated Tax Agency must have Tax Agency status activated in the Supplier Centre:


    Hope this helps.


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