Corrupted transaction crashes Reckon Premier 2013

Steve G
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I have identified a single bill that is now corrupted for an inexplicable reason.  I cannot open this bill transaction as the program crashes.   The rebuild doesn't fix it.  The transaction journal gives me the database "transaction number" but I don't know how to access this transaction to delete it.  Is there a utility which allows me to delete a specific transaction?
Thanks in advance


  • Shane
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    Hi Steve,

    Since you can't open the bill to delete it, instead you can go to the chart of accounts and open the register for the Accounts Payable account, find the transaction in the register, highlight it, and delete it with Ctrl and D or Edit > Delete Bill.  This way you can delete it without opening it. Then recreate it.

    Let me know how you go.



  • Steve G's
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    D'oh.. don't you hate it when it ended up being simple & I look like a dope!  Thanks Shane for replying on a Sunday.  Its saved me hours.
  • Rebecca
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    Don't feel silly, it might seem simple, but it's not when you don't know the answer.  I was trying to delete my corrupt bill from the supplier screen with no luck.  Thanks for this post.  Your question, and the answer have helped me too!

  • Mirko
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    As they say; 'It's easy when you know how'.? ?Well put Rebecca, should never feel silly, chances are if you're asking a question you're not the first nor the last that will ask it! - That's why the Community is here, to log these questions so it's easier for the next person. Thus, as Rebecca has said, Thanks for asking the initial question!
  • Farmhand
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    Thanks Shane, had the same problem.  Every time I tried to open a particular cheque transaction from a report it crashed Reckon. I tried also to open from the suppliers centre with the same result. But from the cheque accounts register I was able to Ctrl-D and remove offending cheque payment. Would have liked to be able to open it and see what was causing the corruption to avoid it in the future.
    Thanks for the simple solution.
    Regards John.