Layby data recovery

Kerry Cleverdon
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Hi there - We have reinstalled Quickbooks inc POS and found that all our layby customers have vanished. We did a backup prior to reinstall but can't access any of the layby data. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Kerry, Wills Fishing & Firearms, Auckland, NZ


  • Jason Hollis
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    Hi Kerry,

    The Layby data is held in the POS database so it sounds as though you have not picked up the correct backup.

    If you still have the backup copy please do the following (once you have pushed any sales from today to Reckon Accounts (QuickBooks)).

    Close POS Admin and Terminal

    Go to C:\Reckon\Point of Sale Professional 2014 Administrator and rename the QBPOS.PDB file to QBPOS.PDB(old)  ** Make sure you can see file extensions in your PC.

    Then copy your backup into that directory and rename it to QBPOS.PDB

    Open POS admin - can you now see laybys?

    Depending on your new PC and terminal name you may get a terminal conflict error as the backup POS database may have the old terminal name. Please advise if you do have any issues.

    Also, moving POS from Windows XP to a newer version of windows requires some extra steps. The support article for this is here

    Kind regards,