Office 2013 or Office 365 for emailing invoices?

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Hi, I am experiencing the "MAPI error code 80040119 (281) at line 921 in sendemail.cpp" when emailing invoices on Accounts Plus 2014, never had a problem with 2013. I have however noticed that I am using Outlook 2003 which is not supported by Accounts Plus 2014. So do I get Office 2013 or Office 365, I am only upgrading for emailing invoices so it has to work! Any thoughts? TIA


  • Nicola_7037990
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    Thanks dak, I'm thinking office 2013 is probably a better option. Just found that thread on 365. Is anyone using outlook 2013 on Accouts 2014 with no issues emailing invoices?
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    Hi We have Enterprise 2015 Accounts for POS using Outlook 2013 and I'm getting that error since moving to Office 365 email, is there anyone else having this issue with fix please.  Thanks again.