Logging on in a different Country

Scott Mooney
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I am going overseas to England for a couple of months, and still want to be able to access my Reckon Accounts hosted online. Am I able to access my account from England? Or will I encounter problems trying to do so?

Thank you


  • Kevin V. Russell
    Kevin V. Russell Member Posts: 269
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    Can't see why you would have a problem
  • Scott Mooney
    Scott Mooney Member Posts: 7
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    Ok great, thank you
  • Mirko
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    Hey Guys, no geoblocking on Hosted. We understand people travel and still need access to their accounts. From the office, your Home, beach on the Mediterranean or even Trafalgar Square your covered! So long as the ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not block the connection you should be fine. ^Mirko