Overpaid supplier invoice - process refund from supplier

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A staff member overpaid a supplier invoice. The supplier invoice was for $130, and the staff member performed a EFT of $1300. I have since got the supplier to refund the difference of $1170 into our bank account, but unsure how to process this.

Additionally, when the payment was recorded in Reckon, the staff member recorded that $130 was paid. I am assuming I need to amend that amount to reflect the actual amount that was transferred from our bank account (i.e. $1300) so a credit will be present in Reckon against the supplier.

In order to clear this up in Reckon, do I :


Then select the SUPPLIER from "RECEIVED FROM" , choose "EFT" as PAYMENT METHOD - and then select "ACCOUNTS PAYABLE" from the drop down menu "FROM ACCOUNT"?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Waiting for a response, I performed the above procedure which made everything balance.

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    Great to hear all has balanced on a Software end Peter. If you are ever unsure, and need advise about the Accounting-Bookkeeping side of things, and how they may impact Taxation/Accountancy practices it's always best (required actually, as per new taxation advise laws) to seek out support from a tax professional. ^Mirko