I can't email I just get MAPI error code 80040154 (340) at line 947 in sendemail.cpp) outlook 2013

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I can't email from reckon 2014 I just get MAPI error code 80040154 (340) at line 947 in sendemail.cpp) I have my outlook 2013 open and synced to my gmail but error message still comes


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    Hi Michael,

    Have you tried this?


    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh (sally@samsolutions.com.au)

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    I followed these steps to solve the registry issue with Mozilla Thunderbird but the invoices are sent as a default moz.mapi file that my client needs to save to his desktop as *.pdf to open them. Using Widows 7 SP1 and RA SB 2014. Any help appreciated.
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    Hey Tapps, RA is natively configured to work with Outlook, thus issues like these may occur with unsupported emailing clients. In this thread a customer advises they were able to resolve the moz.mapi issue by emailing singular emails and not in bulk. There may also be issues as Thunderbird has been discontinued by Mozilla a few years ago. Hope the steps in the previous thread help.
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    Dear Reckon. Wake up and SMELL the roses.  It is 2015 and Mozilla Thunderbird is alive and well.

    Sort out your software as not everyone wants to use OUTLOOK !!