Can I load Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2015 onto multiple computers?

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I want to be able to access, manage and update my financial information from both work and home.  I am planning on having the reckon data file shared through a Dropbox folder so that data updates are available from wherever I am, but can I install Reckon on both my home and work computers?
If this is not possible, can you recommend an alternate approach?


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    No is the short answer. The only options off the top of my head is load it on a laptop and drag that around or setup up remote access to your home computer so you can work on it from anywhere. Google "home computer remote access"
  • Mirko
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    Hey Peter, Personal is a single license product (one installation at a time). To do it natively, you would need a secondary license for the 2nd machine, and then to download the file from dropbox and upload again when finished. Gavin's approach would also work, if remote access was set up.