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When+posting+ end+of+day+transactions+from+POS+to+Quickbooks+there+is+a+message+'Error+on+Line+7+invalid+transaction'+along+with+'does+not+have+account+associated+with+it.+Go+to+item+list+to+make+sure+all+items+have+accounts'.+I+have+checked+the+Item+List+in+Quickbooks+and+everything+is+ok+and+also+checked+the+Account+types+in+POS+for+the+Tender+Items+and+adjusted+a+couple.+I+can't+find+the+Import+Error+File+but+the+transactions+in+question+are+on+Quickbooks+in+C+drive/data+as+QBPst-POS1-141217+as+a+POS+file.+How+do+I+find+the+import+error+log?


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    Hi Christine,

    You are correct in your method of checking the items list for accounts that's a great start, don't forget to check for COGS and asset account for inventory items also.

    As a tip you may also find it beneficial to perform a transfer before performing a post as it helps to minimize any issues you may have where you have changed the name of an item or an account in reckon Accounts since your last transfer.

    The import errors log is in the import errors folder that is usually in your program installation directory eg: 'C:\Program Files\Intuit\Reckon Accounts Enterprise\Import Errors'

    However you may find that the error listed is the same as that shown at the time of import. Your best port of call is to copy the last transaction file from the recycle bin eg;'QBPst - Terminal - 141218 133414 - 001.POS' and open the file with MS excel as it is a Tab delimited text file. Then where your message says error on line 7, that means the somewhere in the transaction that ended on line. The fault will be in column 'D' where you find a blank cell in the range D4:D6 and the item that will need correcting are in column 'M' on the same line as the issued account cell(eg; D5 cell is blank and M5 Cell is "Soft drink".

    If your still having troubles please phone the technical support team so help guide you through this process.

    Kind Regards,


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    I just can't find the import error file. I have followed the directory and Import Errors doesn't exist. Is there anywhere else I can find it. Once I have found the error log I should be able to follow your instructions to fix the problem. Is there anyone that can help me with this?
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    Hi Christine,

    Try:  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\ImportErrors

    Cheers, Suzanne

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    Hi Guys
    I too am having this same issue, whatever file I import the error occurs on the last line which is "ENDTRNS" does anybody know how to rectify this.?