Converting from Cashbook 2003 to newer versions not working

X Dcf
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Hi all,

I'm trying to convert some Quicken Cashbook 2003 data files to Quicken 2004, as part of trying to get the data file in a modern format (so it can be imported into the latest Quicken) per this guide:

When I convert the Cashbook 2003 backup file into Quicken 2004's format (via the File->Restore Backup File menu), it initially appears to succeed (it places the converted data file in the Quicken directory), but when I go to open the converted file it tells me "Cannot open file. The QDF file is either damaged or from an interim version of Quicken." and fails to open the file.

I suspect this could be due to the data file being Quicken Cashbook 2003 rather than Quicken 2003, i.e. a sub-version difference. Could this be the case? Does anyone know how I would go about converting this file?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  • Shane
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    If upgrading from Quicken Cashbook 2003 to Reckon Accounts Home and Business 2015 you don't need to run the file through 2004.  Just go straight to the new version as per the installation and upgrade guide:

    PS: that link you were looking at is not from Reckon but Inuit.  Data from Reckons version may not work with their software.


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    Thanks Shane. Will this also work with Reckon Accounts Plus?
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    Hi David,

    I have sent you an email as I could not attachfiles here.