Just need a link to the installer please ??

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Hi Community ... I have been a Personal Plus user under the annual subscription model since 2000. Recently my old PC died and I have bought a high-spec iMac running OSX Yosemite 10.10.1 and, under that, Parallels Desktop 10 and then Windows 8.1 in a partition. Other windows apps work fine in the VM. What I'm looking for is a link to the latest Personal Plus download for windows ... ie the same one I pressed download on on the old PC a few months ago. I have all the emails, userid's, pin's, installation keys, etc etc. The links on these emails take me nowhere ... potentially because it's IE 11 under Win 8.1. Would appreciate anyone's advice here please. Thanks heaps in advance :) Ian S


  • Ian Stevens_7288707
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    Problem solved. For anyone reading this later, I downloaded the trial version, installed that in the Windows 8.1 VM using "run as administrator" with my own license key, not the trial key. This worked, but I did have to call 1800 RECKON to resolve an issue where it thought I had the same software loaded on two machines (which, technically, I do, except the old machine is dead).
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    Glad you got it sorted Ian,