Online banking account - cannot change online account access

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I had a problem with my online banking account so I made it inactive and tried to reactivate it. Now I cannot tick the "Online Account Access" box as the account has "downloaded transactions that have not been added to the register" with instructions to clear these transactions in online banking. When I try to clear them, this account no longer shows in online banking for me to clear them. Is there a work around to fix this please?


  • Mirko
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    Hey Woody, which version of Year and version of Accounts Business are you using? Have you tried to delete the transactions? ^Mirko
  • Woody1999
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    Hi Mirko,

    We use Premier 2014 Contractor edition.

    Unfortunately I cannot see the downloaded transactions to delete them.

    I have done the following with no luck:

    • fully reconciled the account up to the download date - this should have made the entries matched and cleared them off
    • voided any uncleared bank rec items just in case
    • deleted the OFX and QIF files that were downloaded.

    I cannot edit the account at all The "Online Account Access" box is not ticked but it is showing as an online account on the chart of accounts and does not show up in Online Banking page either.

    Any suggestions please?


  • Babi
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    Hello Woody,

     This sounds like corrupt account. We may get to resolve this by creating a new account for online banking and merging later to the same old account.Let me know if you can do that.

    Actually it could be bit tricky and complicated for you to handle if you have not merged the account in the past and also there could be other steps involved too, which depends upon the case.So I suggest you to kindly contact on our technical support line on 1300 137 657  and discuss about the best approach of dealing with this.

      Kind regards,