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I am trying to conduct an end of day, and when I hit Post in POS admin I get an error code 16 and ca

Andrew Smith
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  • Mirko
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    Hey Andrew, it sounds like the Data file open on Reckon Accounts differs from the one that relates to your POS database. Go to the PC with Accounts and check for other Datafiles, once you locate the correct one try end of day again. Hint: looking at the date last modified will help locate the right datafile. ?Let me know how you go.
  • Chris McGregor
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    Hi Andrew,

    In addition to Mirko and Andrews great answers I just wanted to point out that the most common reason for this is not that the file is the incorrect file but rather the path your taking to access the file from reckon account is different to how you first had it open when setting up pos as it must be verbatim.

    As an example, if you’re in a networked environment you may have your files on a fileserver so when you accessed the account file the first time you may have done so by the following path:


    which is fine however later o you may have introduced map drives to make the process of finding your data a little more easy so now you access that same file from:


    Or even


    All of these address' are pointing to exactly the same file in exactly the same location and reckon accounts will access them it the same way however for POS Admin to work it relies on the exact name/path you used the first time to make sure that its communicating with the correct file.

    To correct this, do as Andrew suggested and have reckon accounts closed then within POS Admin click the account button at the top to launch Reckon Account with the correct file assuming you haven't moved the original file. Once you've opened it perform a post and transfer as normal then close the current file in Reckon Accounts and open it again from the new path you access it from. Then in POS Admin go to the options menu from the tools dropdown at the top of the screen. Then on the general tab click change at the 'Data file' box and browse to your new file location and follow the prompts.




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    Chris, is genius , i have known him for long time, he is very good, he knows what he is talking about.

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