OFX data import into Home and Business 2015

John Ullman
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I am trying to import data from a US account that only comes in as an OFX data file that you can either import directly or download for later import from the bank website. As the official bank name of the institution is not known to quicken the data cannot be imported into Home and business. An error message "Reckon Accounts is currently unable to verify the financial institution for this download. Please try again later." Does anyone have any ideas.

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  • John Ullman
    John Ullman Member Posts: 2
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    Sadly no option for the QIF in the US. They have certainly moved to the OFX direct bank download system. I live in Australia, but do have a US account for travel. I do therefore want to use the australian version to complete the BAS etc and wuld like to reconcile all accounts in the ame program. I guess I will keep trying to see how I can include the OFX data file, so any further suggestions are greatly appreciated. I can get a CSV file if all else fails. Cheers John