conflicted company files on dropbox

Johanna Dusty Flya McArthur
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I store my company file on dropbox and have accidently created a conflicted copy. i have unknowingly been updating both compay files sonow neither one is complete. Is there a way to merge the two files or export the missing information to one file?


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Johanna,

    Sorry to say we don't have any way of merging the files.  The only solution we can offer is to choose a file to keep and re-enter the data missing from that file.  Sorry but we don't have any other solution.


  • Adrian_6974554
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    You can try Zed Axis
    It has a trial version that you can still use to export and import transactions.

    It works well, the only thing I came across was if two suppliers had the same invoice number it would join both together. But this was using version 10.0 they are up to version 11.2, so may have been fixed. But it did save a lot of rekeying, only had to correct a couple of transactions.