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I need to process a pay for an incorrect rate that has been paid over the last 4 fortnights for a permanent salary.

How do l process this in Reckon so that it doesn't affect their leave accrual balances.

I use Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2014.

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    Hi Vicky

    Thank you for asking Reckon Community.

    You have two ways to do so.

    The first option to do so is to create the new payroll item as wages -> Hourly wages and untick the option for ‘ Include every hour worked’ as shown below so that it do not accrue the leave, whenever you use this payroll item for payroll. Please see below 1st screenshot.

    Or alternatively,if you are going to use one of your existing payroll item; you can tick the option for ‘Do not accrue time’ while processing the payrun. Please see 2nd screenshot below.

    Hope this helps.



    Please let me know how this goes.



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    The tick of do not accrue time is not what you want, as you still want to accrue time for the actual hours worked.

    If the pay item you are using is set up as an hourly pay, and also the leave is set to accrue based on hours worked this is easy.
    Just select your existing pay item on a new line, then enter the pay rate you are adjusting for then the amount of hours (enter as a negative).
    Then on the next line enter the same amount of hours (positive) but with no pay rate.

    If you are using a salary configured payroll item, then you will need to do as Shisir mentioned above and create a new payroll items and select do not accrue.