unable to uninstall quicken 2006

Ming Chan
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I purchased reckon Personal Plus range 2015, I was unable to convert my old data from quicken 2004. I asked Reckon technical support for help, they advised me to install Quicken 2006 trial version to convert the old data first. I converted my data successfully. When I tried to uninstall quicken 2006, it came up an error to say “ There was a problem starting c:\PROGRA~2\COMMON~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\10\00\Intel32\Ctor.dll The specified module could not be found”.  Since I could not uninstall Quicken 2006, I can’t install 2015. CAN ANYBODY HELP? PLEASE.  I am using window 7.  



  • Kevin Chamberlain
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    Hi Ming,
    Are you able to roll back Windows 7 to a restore point before your Quicken 2006 install?

  • Stan Goodacre_7441171
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    Hello Ming,
    What uninstall program have you been using? It may be worth trying a commercial one such as IoBit Uninstaller which seems to be able to tackle difficult uninstalls.
  • Ming Chan
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    Hi kevin, Stan

    I did not create a restore point before installing Quicken 2006. I now learn a lesson that I should add restore point before installing software.

    I am using the built in "Program and Feature" to uninstall.  I downloaded loBit. It came up the same error when uninstalling 2006 using loBit.

    Thank you Kevin and Stan very much for your assistance.


  • Mirko
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    Hey Ming, Revo uninstaller might also be an option to try and uninstall the QP2016.
  • ecco
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    Hi I've been using Quicken 2006 NZ version for 20 years now! Just wondering if I buy Reckon personal plus 2016 (am running windows 10 on a mac via parallels) do you know if all my history will come through to Reckon? I am having to run windows xp to run quicken 2006. It does everything I want asI don't really need automatic bank downloads. Could someone tell me if reckon pp 2016 is better than Quicken 2006. Many thanks for any advice on this. I'll start up another discussion on this as well.
  • Kelly Woods
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    If you have installed Quicken on hdd or a flash drive (SanDisk) earlier, then deleting just quicken files do not delete the entire quicken software. Since there are some traces of quicken installation files on your Flash drive, the Quicken software installation is looking for SanDisk drive which is your C: drive.

    If you’re not able to uninstall Quicken, then you need to check with Quicken software manufacturer (Intuit) to get it uninstalled completely. Once you completely uninstall the software, re-install the Quicken software on your computer. Make sure that you do not run the program while installing Quicken software on your computer.