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I'm using Enterprise: professional services for a managed investment fund, which takes the form similar to a unit trust with the units being issued and redeemed frequently (at least weekly). I am trying to create report in RFSD that is basically a Statement of Financial Position by class (optimally on one page with columns for each class) with a section at the bottom with number of units on issue, enabling me to calculate the current unit price per class,ie. Net assets/no of units issued.  The report template Note: Units on Issue has the formula =Account.Qty for Account no. 540-549, which are the relevant equity accounts for Unit Trusts, but how do I get the information into Reckon as the Equity accounts have nothing about units?  Having no luck with the comprehensive (?) help.


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    No, you cant  same with Trust accounts, RA is designed for Company or Sole Trader , etc, Do you use Reckon Tax Practice ledger, it should have it. Otherwise you can always export to excel , i suppose. 

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