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Running old Reckon Versions in Windows XP Mode

Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
edited August 2019 in Accounts Business Range
It seems old Reckon versions can run on Windows XP mode. But Microsoft website says computers using XP mode should not be connected to the internet due to security risk. Software companies have to pay staff, thus fees and upgrades.. But charges & upgrades should be fair, so we unpaid treasurers who love Reckon can keep going.


  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,467 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019
    Dan mate you can run old versions in compatibility mode if you have Windows 7 Professional. Or you can install Virtual ma chine and install XP if you have a disk.
  • InigoInigo Member Posts: 331
    edited April 2015

    With Windows XP no longer receiving security updates since it is an older discontinued version, then having that Windows XP mode installation be enabled to connect directly to the internet is a risk. Same goes for installing your own Windows XP onto other virtual machines like VMware, Parallels or VirtualBox.

    Consider disabling the internet connectivity of the virtual machine so that it is isolated locally.

    If you can get it working in compatibility mode, then that's a better option.


  • Dan FardonDan Fardon Member Posts: 44
    edited February 2017
    I am actually running a Windows 8.1 computer, but sounded the warning re XP to help people who might be tempted to go down that path. Also, I think my warning re XP might apply to Win 8.1 some time in the future, and that software and computer upgrading costs are of concern to some of us. I think Reckon is great, and with Excel it has enabled be to improve my charity's finances  considerably and to manage my investments effectively. Having said all that, I appreciate the difficulties which software developers are having to cope with - that used to be part of my work many years ago.
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