Customisisng Invoices

Sandy Childs
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The lovely Vinia has just help me convert and set up my Reckon Accounts 2015. I remember seeing a pop up message  when loading files etc that said "couldn't access fonts"
so now I am trying to customise my invoices and obviously there are no fonts to select.
Can I load fonts or what can I do ??

Thanks in advance
FYI - I have Windows 7 and Office 365 (please accept that it is a brand new computer and I am still learning how to work everything

Cheers Sandy 


  • Sandy Childs
    Sandy Childs Member Posts: 2
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    hi all 
    i have sorted out this issue - the fonts did not come across with my customised templates - however when I opened up a NEW one - fonts were there - I just had to completely start form scratch