Can't create a superannuation account in Pounds

Tim Price
Tim Price Member Posts: 7
In Reckon Accounts 2015 I need to create a superannuation account in Pounds, which I have done before without issue in earlier versions. Now even though I select Pounds it sets up the account in dollars! Any suggestions?


  • Stan Goodacre_7441171
    Stan Goodacre_7441171 Member Posts: 16
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    Tim, I'm running Win 7 Home Premium and just tried to set up a trial super account (like you). Same result $ only.
    I think this is one you will to take up direct with Reckon.
    Sorry I can't help.
  • Tim Price
    Tim Price Member Posts: 7
    edited May 2015
    Thanks for the suggestion Dave.  I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium but I tried running Reckon as Administrator and still no luck.
  • Tim Price
    Tim Price Member Posts: 7
    edited May 2015
    Hi Stan, thanks for your efforts, I'm also using Windows 7 Home Premium.  I can see that the operating system might affect automatic exchange rate updates once an account is in use, but I can't think why the operating system should affect the initial account creation process.  I will see what Reckon has to say, if I can get through!
  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for asking the Community.

    Looks like this is an error - I've flagged it with the Developers.

    The Workaround is to use another type - like a Brokerage account or an Asset account - these will retain your foreign currency.