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I have been using Quicken Personal Plus for more than 10 years.

I have never been able to automatically update share prices using the following codes for

All Ordinaries    AORD or XAO

ASX 200          AXJO or XJO

ASX 100          AXTO or XTO


Which codes should I be using and why doesn't the codes I am using work.

I have no trouble with downloading any other stock prices automatically.


  • William Phillips
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    Try this for Dow Jones
    In edit security details
    Name: Dow Jones Industrials
    Symbol: DJI
    Type: Market Index
    Currency:US Dollar
    Asset Class: US Stock
    I'm getting last download as 18285.40
    previous close as 18232.02
    Can't get the others myself.
    Someone might be able to assist.
  • Chris Appleby
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    I don't seem to be able to download prices for South 32 (S32). Has anyone else had that problem?

    Chris A
  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Chris,
    Make sure you use S32 as its Stock Code.

    Mine downloaded fine today:


  • Chris Appleby
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    Did you go to the list of shares to download in the one step update settings, select quotes and tick S32?
  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Macca56, Chris,

    I tested my S32 entry and the price history updated in the normal manner without difficulty.

    Do you have the Share setup correctly?


    Running the One-Step Update:


    (the 1/6/15 data is missing in this example as the update was not run for over a week - only the last 5 non-weekend days are available.)

    Please check your South32 setup and try again.

  • David_7594132
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    Reckon Australia have abandoned any development of PP.  The All Ords download stopped working in 2008 when the ASX split the file containing security and index data into two.  Reckon (then Quicken) decided not to invest the resources to make the minor changes needed to read the index file and provide the download automatically,

    I have spoken on several occasions to Reckon people about this with no change to the situation.  It's clear to me (at least) the least amount of investment is being made in this product to keep it going so that they can milk the annuity stream for as long as possible.
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