Error with line GST posting from Reckon POS.

Ross Hart
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I have upgraded from Quickbooks 2007/08 and Retail POS to Reckon Accounts 2015 with Retail POs. However when trying to post to quickbooks for end of day i get the following errors

The taxable setting in tax code GST has been changed. This cannot be imported (this is in reckon accounts)

Then from POs i get the error

Error code :-13 General import line problem

any help would be appreciated


  • Rik Dillon_7552540
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    I had a similar problem and the error turned out to be a tax code on one item was incorrect - NCG instead of GST or vise versa.
  • Chris McGregor
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    Just to add to that, you've come fly changed versions from old quickbooks 07/08 which was a fox pro database to reckon accounts 2015 which is an sq database. During the coding changes back in 2008 the was tax was handled by transaction changes ever so slightly. So my question to you is did you post all you eod files from pos before upgrading or are these leftovers? As this too could be causin the issue. As the others have said however it could be as simple as the incorrect tax code on an item in the posting or it could be that an item in reckon accounts has the column for is taxable = no but there is a tax code attached to either purchase or sales(find this by exporting your items list to iif)
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Ross,
    Also check to see if you have an item called GST. I have seen this happen during that 07/08 upgrade.
    Kind regards,
    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])