Open Sales Order Report shows sales orders which are Open, Closed and Partially invoiced. Why?

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Reckon Accounts Premier Manufacturing and Wholesale.  The Open Sales Order Report is showing up sales orders which are Open, Partially invoiced and Manually Closed.  It does not display ALL invoices - it does seem to list all open invoices but includes a seemingly random number of the others.  Any ideas?


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    Hi Carrie,

    Welcome to Reckon Community.

    The Open Sales Order Report should display those open and partially invoiced. However, once Closed, they should not appear at all.

    Kindly check if the closed ones are truly closed by opening the transaction and ensure the tick is on the Closed check box. Otherwise, try refreshing by placing a full stop on the MEMO field.

    Moreover, if you are using a Memorized Report, try producing the standard one for comparison.

    Hope it helps!

    Thank you.

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    Hi Jamaiel.  Thankyou for your reply. 

    In response:
    1)   In the standard report "Open Sales Orders by Customer" if I open a report which is fully closed (showing a check in the CLOSED box) and place a "." in the memo field (as you suggested) then it removes that sales order from the report.  Do I really need to go through and manually edit all the reports?  There are a lot sitting there from Jul/Aug last year when we first started using Reckon.

    2)  When I run an Advanced FIND with the following settings:

    The results still include sales orders which are Closed or Fully Invoiced.  A report created from these results differs significantly to the "Open Sales Orders by Customer Report".

    I want to be able to create a memorised report which lists Open Sales orders sorted by postcode as we have a delivery business and it would be good to be able to pull up all sales orders sorted by customers' postcodes.  The other reason why I want to create a memorised report is that the Sales Order Fulfillment sheet does not display Open Sales Orders which only contain non-inventory items.  Since we do a lot of special orders which we do not want to track as inventory it is important to keep track of these somehow.  We only recently discovered that the Sales Order Fulfillment Sheet has this limitation and we have found some orders which have not been fulfilled for this reason.
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    How do I run a report that shows me all the Sales Orders for a particular client whether they are Open or Closed?
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    Actually, I need to rephrase that. I am wanting a sales order report by customer that shows all sales orders that are not closed, and the amounts that have been invoiced against those sales orders, so that I can see the balance still left to invoice. I dont seem to be able to find or create this, and it is very frustrating when the boss says, how much sales are still to be invoiced? I am floundering about trying to keep him happy that Reckon Accounts can do the job! Very grateful if someone could tell me the answer. I have been an avid reckon supporter since intuit and Quicken days and love it all, but this one has me wasting a lot of time....
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    Hi, I use a report I called 'Open Sales Orders by Customer - not invoiced' - which shows me the outstanding items still to be invoiced.  It won't show what's been invoiced but it shows what is yet to be invoiced.  Just change the Detail level to "all except summary".  I hope this helps.