Fleet Management System

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Fleet Management System.

Is there anyone on here that can tell me what type of Fleet Management system can be inter-graded into Reckon hosted?


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    What type of fleet management system you have? right now nothing can be integrated in real time with press of button , till we get the API soon, but you could do the manually using IIF import, thats very messy and time consuming. Tell us more on this as we are now organising our way for Hosting API soon. call on 02 95411338, 

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  • MellesaDyer
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    We currently don't have a Fleet Maintenance System but are looking to buy for the new financial year.  I thought I would ask what other people were or are using as we would like to keep our invoicing in one system.

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    What did you end up going with Mellesa?  We don't have a fleet maintenance system but I'm curious as to what is out there that works with Reckon.
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    We link to Reckon hosted  and have implemented  fleet management system for a client inside of CreataCRM,  Out of the box we have a asset management  booking system, But one client we needed to manage 120 cars. We tracked repairs and maintenance etc .  then there is really cool fleet management software that tracks everything.  We can help depending how far you would like to manage.