Importing a Budget

Trevor Newton
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Just started using Reckon Premier 2015. Trying to import a budget. I have followed instructions from help guide, exported a sample budget file and then entered the budget against the designated accounts. The import was successful but only for six months from 1 January 2016. The period Jul - Dec 15 was omitted. When preparing the import file, I noticed from the export file, two entries appeared for each account separating the periods Jan - Jun and Jul to Dec. each line had a different start date. When that failed I created another import file with a start date 1/7/15. But none of the budgets imported. Not sure what i'm doing wrong.


  • Terry Firth
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    It goes back to the setup dates when you first setup Reckon. You probably should go back at least 12months before the date of the first recorded entry your budget was likely to access. The other thing to check if the accounting Month you entered in the original setup,.July or January?
  • Trevor Newton
    Trevor Newton Member Posts: 2
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    Thank You Terry. The start up month was July. I will check out the other option.
  • Kelsey Shepherd
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    I'm having a similar issue. Our financial year has a start date of 1/4/15 but when I import the data it imports the data in columns 4-12 (i.e. July-March) as the April-Dec data. I cant work out what to do