Balance Sheet (Tax Payable) and Tax Payable Register not equal

Gayle Smith
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Reckon Accounts 2014 R1
I have checked my Tax Payable account in the Register and it is okay.
However when I do the Balance Sheet it only shows the general journal ATO Refunds and Payments.  Not the GST Collected or GST Paid.  Why?


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    did you set up another account for the ATO refunds & payments or do you use the GST Liabilty one.

    Have you checked the date on the balance sheet report to make sure it is today, because the chart of accounts will show everything and balance of today, a balance sheet report may be dated yesterday or last week and will have a different amount?

    send snapshots of reports

    Or contact me Kim on 0429 305300  e:
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    Thank you for your reply.  I did finally get back to this.  The dates and all were okay however your note made me look at whether it was Accrual or Cash Basis.  Guess what - I had Cash Balance Sheet and Register is Accrual.  Hence the difference.
    Thanks again.