Calculating Accrued Long Service Leave

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I have Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2015 and I need to add in LSL for an employee who has been here for 7 years and 5 months. They also worked 3 years part time during that 7 years. Is someone able to help me with entering it into Reckon as they employee has resigned and needs their LSL paid out?


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    Hello Rach

    Assuming your an employer in Victoria. It is best to use the long service leave calculator at

    If you are in a different state then you will need to check the details for that state.

    This will then give you the correct amount that you should have accrued.

    Assuming that the leave is all accrued after 18 August 1993, and the reason is resignation then

    Setup a LSL on Resignation payroll item.
     The payroll item should be set to be included in the employees gross wages, no super applies.

    Process the employees pay, use the LSL on Resignation item enter their hourly rate and the hours calculated form the LSL calculator website.