Can I auto import iif files into Reckon Accounts Premier 2013

Michael Guy
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Is it possible to automatically import iif files into Reckon Accounts Premier 2013?

I would like to drop a iif file into a folder, and reckon automatically picks up that file and imports it.

Or maybe some type of import connector?


  • Mirko
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    Hey Michael, welcome to the Community. In short, this is not something that comes out of the box. That's not to say it hasn't or cannot be developed by a third party vendor. You can have a look at our Authorised Partner Catalogue - you might see something that meets your requirements. If there is nothing there, you could have something like this Developed for you. Point your IT person to our Software Developer Kit which provides the connectors to our software, they'll either be able to develop something for you, or know a Developer who can. Hope this helps.
  • cosmic
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    hi Michael, as Mirko iif is nevber an automated process, i have got few articles on use of iif, we can do any automated processing and we are doing imprting over 4000 invoices all automated.
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