List of Banks and Credit Cards available on Reckon BankData

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You can connect to a bank account by either a secure direct bank feed to your Bank, or through a 3rd Party integrator – Yodlee Inc.

Access to credit card accounts is available only through Yodlee Inc.

For a direct connection to your bank you will need to complete a Bank Authorisation Form and await a bank approval.  Allow 8 business days from the time you submit your form to Reckon Ltd.

For a Yodlee feed you will be asked for your bank internet login credentials.  Approval is usually immediate and you will be able to download transactions from the next business day.

If you are not willing to trust Yodlee Inc with your bank internet credentials then you will not be able to connect to credit card accounts and other bank accounts.  

If your bank or credit card company is not in the list then let us know on [email protected] and we will approach Yodlee Inc to add it.  

The availability of a connection to Yodlee is dependent on the financial institution having processes that are compatible with the Yodlee process and that Yodlee Inc internet sites are not blocked by the financial institution.  

Not all bank account types are available for a Direct or a Yodlee feed.  Please check with your bank on what is available.  Generally, transactional accounts (savings and chequing) without any restrictions on use are available.

Transactions will be available from the day the bank or Yodlee approves the connection.

You can view a list of available banks and credit card organisations here.  This list does change from time to time.



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