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Hi all, I have been using Reckon POS for quite a few years now but no-one has been able to help me with an issue that I would LOVE to know how to solve.
When you are in the middle of a transaction e.g someone orders a Latte, is there a way to add text to the line if you need extra details e.g 2 sugars or weak?


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    As Andrew has said, the Memo button is used for adding extra text to docket, this is a feature I always setup for my clients, if you use Layers (Professional version) you can also setup a layer called drinks and as well as all your drink types, you can use memo but with preset wording e.g. Warm only, 1 sugar, 2 sugar etc, you then only have to press the button and the text prefills. Carolyn Long | Bookkeeping Trainer | Reckon Accredited Partner| BA S Agent | Regional Qld | [email protected] or 0434 163 266|
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    Thanks so much for this. I have set this up and it's great, the only problem is it doesn't stay on the same line so it's hard to know which coffee it's applies to?