Payroll Entitlement Summary Report

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I think Reckon really needs a Payroll Entitlement Summary Report - a report that shows opening balance, leave accrued, leave taken and the closing balance for a date range that you enter in. I know MYOB has this report and it is very useful. In getting information for our auditors I need to print a report that shows the leave balance at year end and leave taken during the year. A different report to show the leave balance at the start of the year and there are no reports available to show the leave accrued during the year. This means they need to manually calculate the leave accrued during the year which is very timely. Its frustrating not to have this report available within Reckon so I would think it would be a very valued report if Reckon were to add this tp their selection of reports. 


  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Rosie,

    This report already exists.

    If you look under Reports > Employees & payroll > Leave Accrual Summary.

    You can see at a particular date what leave someone had and over the year you can see what they have accrued and taken.

    This report was introduced with Reckon Accounts 2014 - so we have had this feature since April 2014.

    Kind regards,
    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])
  • Rosie
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    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your reply but no this report does not give me all of the information. It gives me leave balance at end date and leave taken during the year but it does not give the opening balance of leave or the the leave accrued during the year.