How can I see what has been lodged via my electronic file for PAYG summary

Tim Cross_7724692
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  • John Graetz
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    Hi Tim.  I assume that you are talking about the EMPDupe file.  This is not really a readable file as such.  However, if you were to open it in Word, you would be able to pick out the various pieces of information that are in the Payment Summary, amongst a range of other information, mostly zeros.  Interestingly the file is not encrypted, but all of the information on the Payment Summary can be found for each employee, if you want to go to the trouble of doing so.  John L G
  • Tim Cross_7724692
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    Thanks John, tried to open in notepad but came up no access allowed. Might have to open notepad or word as Administrator. Just worries me if you cant see the report or keep a copy to make sure it is right. It does not appear as if a copy can be downloaded from the ATO Portal either? Tim C
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    Hi Tim

    As John said, you can't read the (PSAR) file, but when you lodge the report via the portal, you run a test then lodge and both will give you a report and receipt number.  This report has some limited information, the reports will show any errors and warnings, how many payment summaries included etc.