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I am a home user of QuickBooks Premier and have been using the 2007/2008 version. I am finding the older versions like this are not really compatible with the new Windows versions.  

I purchased a copy of QuickBooks Premier 2011/2012 and have been unable to upgrade my file, it just keeps going into error. I resorted to using the QuickBooks data recovery service and they can’t help either. They say there is nothing wrong with the file itself, it verifies and rebuilds OK but just won’t upgrade.  

I thought that doing a year by year upgrade may be the solution but am unable to get copies of the old QuickBooks Premier anywhere, I have advertised on Gumtree etc under wanted to buy but no luck. I have also Reckon for trial versions of the years 2008/2009, 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and they say they don’t have any.?  

I was wondering if anyone is able to assist me in getting any copies of QuickBooks Premier for the years mentioned above , or trials so I can try upgrading year by year to see if this solves my issue. 

I would appreciate any assistance anyone may be able offer.

Thank you



  • Graham Boast
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    Hi Susanne

    Normally, you can just upgrade directly from 2007/08 to the current version.  I have the various versions - if you send me a backup I can have a quick look at it for you and see if it will upgrade to 2008/09.  We can then discuss options from there.  Worst case scenario would be exporting info from your old file and creating a new file.

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  • John Graetz
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    Sound good Graham.  Susanne, does the current file still work in the 2007/2008 version, in other words do you still have the backup of that file prior to you trying to upgrade it?  John L G
  • Susanne_7828461
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    Graham and Andrew, thank you for your replies, this is really appreciated. However I have now managed to resolve the problem. Once again thanks for taking the time to reply to my issue.