Items+showing+as+gross+rather+than+net,with Nett selected+both+in+the+Tax+tab+and+the+Report+tab.

Laura Hart
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On+my+company+trial+balance,+all+items+show+as+gross+rather+than+net,+even+though+I+have+selected+Net+in+the+Preferences,+both+in+the+Tax+tab+and+the+Report+tab.+Does+anyone+know how to fix this problem? I am using Reckon Accounts Enterprise: Manufacturing & Wholesale 2015 version. Thanks.


  • Mustafa
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    Hi Laura,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community and thank you for your question.

    The trial balance does not show net amount if you use items on the bill but if you got only expense account selected on the bill then that works as net and gross.

    We hope the above helps you resolving your issue. If you need further assistance, please let us know.