Budgetting by category in Home & Business 2015

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Using Reckon Accounts Home & Business 2015 how can I set a budget at the category level when there are subcategories?

I only seem able to set a budget by each subcategory and anything at the tope level is considered "Other <catregory>"


  • Lorraine Pavsic
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    For many years, I have found this to be the case. To outwit Rekon, only use subcategories or accept the " Other". Very easy to do if you set up memorised transactions.
  • Mark_7838462
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    Thanks - I can see how to do this.  but what I would like to do for example is set a budget for the whole category Utilities but record the expenses in sub-categories of Electricity, Gas, Water & Rates and only Reckon only do budget reporting and warning at the category level = Utilities.  I cannot see how to do this; what am I missing?
  • gavin.nicholson.au
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    Nothing. I dont think that is possible.
  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Can you do exactly what you are suggesting and then run a budget report - customise - advanced - "hide all" sub-categories?

    This should be possible to do exactly what you want to do.

    Would be interested to know.

    Regards, Robyn Kelly

  • Richard Winterscheidt
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    I use RPP16 (now) and have gone through different stages as I have utilised various versions of RPP (and Quicken)

    I overcame this by setting up only headline Categories, and subset Tags;


    Utilities (Category) - Rates, Water, Electricity, Telephone/Internet (Tags), or

    Motor (Category) - Petrol, Service, Maintenance, Insurance, Tolls/Parking (Tags)

    This way the Budget is created at the Category on the headline category, BUT, the convenience this created is far outweighed by the inconvenience of trying to assess the values through reporting and setting personal reports for each category, etc.

    I am going back to using Categories and Sub-Categories, with Tags to define "sub-sub" differences(eg different vehicles) and using the reporting function as Robyn says to identify what is spent in the headline category, rather than budget to a top-line number.

    PS looks like I can do mass changes in the Spending > Itemised Category reports, is there another way?