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Tom Werner
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I am wondering if it is possible to set up POS to print off A4 invoices rather than a thermal receipt printer? We are running POS lite 2015, and the printer is on our network so isn't directly connected to the computer. I can print off invoices after completing the transaction through this printer, but I want to be able to set it up to be automatic.  


  • Chris McGregor
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    Hi, Yes you can. Simply change the tick box on the payment method buttons to "print invoice" . Tools>options>keyboard>design touchscreen keyboard> select 'cash' or 'eftpos' or other button and double click to bring up settings for that button. Tick the invoice button and that's it. For those that don't have a printer already setup like you do they will need to set the invoice printer in the options menu first. Regards, Chris
  • Tom Werner
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    Thankyou, Very easy fix!