Employee Missing Off Super Report by Employee - Accounts 2015

Kerrie Cox_6962438
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I'm using Accounts Premier 2015 and a new employee is showing up on all the liability reports, but not on the Super Report by Employee. I am reasonably advanced with Accounts but I have tried comparing each field with other new employees and everything is the same. He had a new super fund and I have double checked that it is set up correctly and the same as other staff who are appearing on my reports. Doh, I hope it isnt something S I M P L E. I have even deleted the unique super ID number for him from Accounts as he is the only one with one entered. Thanks in advance


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    Hi Kerrie - I had the exact same issue in the last week or so.  I did a full blown reconciliation, and identified the employees that were missing.  I closed out of the report and re-ran it, and magically the employees that were missing then appeared (even though I hadnt made any changes to employee records).
  • John Graetz
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    Hi Kerrie

    There is probably a very simple explanation, which revolves around the fact that this is a new Super Fund that you haven't had before.  My suggestion is to run the report again, then go to Modify Report> Filters> Click on Multiple Payroll items in the right hand box> In the middle box click on the down arrow to the right hand side of Multiple Payroll items> then, after clicking on the down arrow, click on Multiple payroll items> then scroll down the list of payroll items and ensure that you have placed a tick against every applicable superannuation item (SGC, salary sacrifice and super deduction).  This is particularly appropriate if your set up has multiple super items to cover each super fund. Then click OK a couple of times and your report should re-populate for every fund. If the missing employee relates to an existing fund, then you have another problem.
    In going back to your original post, I note that you did say that there was a new Super Fund involved, so the suggestion that i gave to you should work.
    John L G