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Problem - no attachment when emailing invoices, remittance advice/payslips

Maria Member Posts: 1
edited December 2016 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)

Where do I start? Installed Windows 10 which caused problems with emailing invoices etc so I restored Windows 7 which crashed the computer. Had to wipe everything and reload the computer, printer drivers etc. I can use Reckon ok (enter bills, do invoices, pays etc) but when I go to email an invoice, remittance etc there is no file attached. I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2015 and Windows 7. Help!


  • Jason Beaven
    Jason Beaven Alumni Posts: 29
    edited December 2016
    Hi Maria,

    I'm sorry you're experiencing such issues.

    Please try the instructions as below first.

    1.            Set your UAC Setting to default in the Windows Control Panel.

    2.            Run Outlook as Admin by right clicking on the icon and in Properties Menu select Run as Administrator

    3.            Open Outlook first

    4.            Run Accounts 2015 as Admin by right clicking on the icon and in Properties Menu select Run as Administrator. Open second.

    5.            Turn on "Display each email when sending more than one" in the preferences

    If this doesn't work could you reply with the email program you are using and the year version.