Can't find Home Inventory Manager to download

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Have a new machine. Downloaded and installed Personal Plus 2016 OK, but can't find Home Inventory Manager download so I can do likewise. Can anyone advise please?


  • Rav
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    Good morning Richard,

    There's a solution in regard to Home Inventory Manager provided by Alex on this thread -

    Let me know how you get on.

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    Hi Richard,

    Have you previously recorded any items on Home Inventory?  I had a similar problem when I upgraded to Reckon PP 2016 but found that the Home inventory icon on my PC gave me access to previous records on that part of the program. Then the connection back to the main program seemed to function OK.  But, I agree I don't know how to access the Home inventory part from the disk.


    Kel Luke    
  • Richard_6859947
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    Thanks for these replies, now up and running.

    Rav, your link worked fine, and once I found the file in my C:\TEMP\HAB\DISK1 folder, created when I  downloaded the package, installation went OK, except for the issue re the old file that I mention under to Kel.  Just wondering why this installation didn't pop up as an option during the Personal Plus installation?  All now working well.

    Leif - so far interface seems fine, but I don't rely on the linkage to Personal Plus all that much, preferring it as a standalone product.

    Kel - I have been using Home Inventory for many years, without any major issues.  I suspect that you may have picked up an old file. I did have an issue in that when I initially installed the program, it would only recognise an old data file, and not my most recent backup.  I went ahead with the old (2012) file, and then did a RESTORE BACKUP FILE to bring back my most recent data. From memory, when I went through the exercise last year with the disk version, the Home Inventory files were on the disk in the HAB folder.  See reply and link from Rav.

    All the best for 2016

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    Not fortunate to have that situation!  Appreciate that it would be handy to be able to run multiple properties, at least as an option in the Reporting area.  But given that this is not usually a "daily use" program, you could possible run two data files, and swap between them as necessary.  I normally access my HI every couple of months.

    My frustration continues with inability to download ASX indices!

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    wHERE can I find the home inventory program to download, Just downloaded 2021 Account also