Is it possible to create 2 price lists? eg: a trade & retail price list?

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Is it possible to create separate pricing for a particular customer, different to what is in the item list? eg: a trade price & a retail price?


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    First, it would be useful to know the exact product of Reckon that you are running.  If you have the business range,  product like say:  Reckon Accounts Premier for instance,  you could turn on "PRICE LEVELS in preferences, and then establish say, a price level code that is a percentage off retail, for wholesale, for instance.  This approach permits you to prepare quotes or invoices that use a drop down box in the price field to choose the relevant price for instance.

    Do a GOOGLE search with the key words:  "Reckon Price Level"  and look at the results that show answers provided from the Reckon Community, on this subject

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    Thank you Gary I will try this. I am running Accounts Pro 2014.