Quickbooks 2012/13 After running repair says company file is R3 and I only have R1

Cam McLay
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My Quickbooks 2012/13 lost its email pdf capability so I thought I would run repair through control panel on windows 7 - BAD MOVE!! Now I get an error message saying my file was written with R3 and I'm only running R1. It suggests restoring a previous backup, but that doesn't work either. It just gives the same error message for the restored file.  It also suggests the reckon site to upgrade to the latest realease, but that doesn't do anything either. Anybody got any suggestions?


  • Charley
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    You've reinstalled QBW which is R1, you then need to download the R2, R3 Tax updates and then you will have R3

  • John G
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    Hi Cam, Charles,

    Just to clarify that for the 2012/13 version you only need to install the Tax Table Update (R3) - R2 was not an Australian release.  

    If you haven't kept this update you can get it off the Reckon members site.  


  • Cam McLay
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    Thanks John - after reading some of the comments in the community, I contacted Reckon customer support and they were very helpfull emailing me a 2012/13 with the R3 integrated into it. Thanks Cam